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Default Internet Explorer Script Error Message

Tools-Internet Options-Advanced.
Disable script debugging and script error notification.

A bit more...
How to Troubleshoot Script Errors in Internet Explorer;en-us;308260

p.s. most respondents here are NOT Discussion Group Members.

You will get a far better experience of newsgroups if you use a proper
newsreader instead of that slow and quirky web interface you are

Outlook Express Newsreader-Setting up


Alan Edwards, MS MVP Windows - Internet Explorer

On Thu, 2 Apr 2009 06:48:22 -0700, in microsoft.public.win98.internet,
Rob wrote:

Hi Discussion Group Members,
I receive a "Internet Explorer Script Error" often. The error message is:
"An error has occured in the script on this page
Line: 35
Error: Object required
Code: 0 g=m&yyob

Do you wnat to continue running scripts on this page

Yes No"

Any help would be appreciated!