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Default Opera 10.54 on Windows 98 SE

"Esra Sdrawkcab" wrote in
news[email protected]:


Ok, I now realise there's been a lot of grief between you
two, but there seems to be very few folk posting about W98
these days. Live & let live I say.

In general, I agree, but putting him in the KF is not /killing
him/, even though it sounds like it. I have about 150 people in
my KF.

It was his comments on my comments on the Gary Terhune thread
about 6 months ago that did it. Before that I thought he was
basically OK. But regrettably he's also an asshole.

On topic: Winimp was my favorite extractor.

NF. I use WinRAR.

And /please/ learn to SNIP.

New topic:

So HOW is Opera with mail and Usenet?????
I have never seen anyone use it for this before...

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