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Default How to Instill Opera 10.5 on Windows 98

DownLoad Opera 10.5 and Save to your Desktop
When Download Complete
Click on Open
Click Start Start Setup
Click I Accent
Check Standard

Note:: ( Make Opera as Default Browser for Microsoft Windows will not make
no more UpDates for Internet Explorer sp6 )
click Next
click Next
click Next
Finish Run Opera

The System library MSimg32.dll
is missing or too old, So certain Transparency effects will be slow and
possibly not drawn correctly.
Obtaining the library from a windows ME installation and placing it in your
windows system directory will fix this.

Note;; (Do a file Search in your win 98 for MSimg32.dll First. If you have
MSimg32.dll Size 52kb and Modified on 4/23/98 10:22 you OK. But DON'T
DOWNLOAD MSimg32.dll Size 6kb modifed 7/4/03 12:00 or NEWER FOR IT FOR A
windows 2000 and up SYSTEM!)

if you have MSimg32.dll Size 52kb
Do Not Show This dialog again
Click Close

Now you have Open up and running on WINDOWS 98