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Default Windows ME recovery cd

You're welcome, KE. Please come back if you have any problems and I'm sure
there are still one or two of us around who may be able to help.

Good luck


"KE" wrote in message
Thank you very much for the answer.

I will have to spend some time to digest your answer and will let you

"Mart" wrote:

If all else fails and your laptop still functions, you *may* be able to
one yourself.

Normally, when installing WinMe from a MS retail CD, it copies the whole
installation setup folder to windows\options\instal. But with (some?) OEM
CD's, it copies them to windows\options\cabs. Other OEM's *may* copy them
elsewhere and some (possibly IBM?) don't even bother at all.

You will need to look on your C: drive for a folder which should contain
some 150 MB of files (i.e. about 25 .CAB files and including the setup
exe.file). If there, copy the whole folder to a CD (or memory stick) and
will then have made an installation CD.

However, under the circumstances, you should take a look at (and print
the "cleanhd.txt" file in the above folder. You can also view the
Millennium Edition Cleanhd.txt File Contents" at:;en-us;271673

Study it carefully and be sure you have a note of the existing product
code (the 25 digit code that was supplied with the pc's original
installation) and - if the WinMe CD was an 'upgrade' version (rather than
'full version') - some proof of a 'previous version' - e.g. a Win95 or 98
(N.B not required for OEM)

BTW - you can find your product key by using Belarc Advisor from

Also, don't try over-installing WinMe as you are very likely to end up
a 'soup' and therefore in a far worse state than you already are.

Finally, you may need to obtain extra drivers (for the lcd display panel
keyboard) but the *may* still be obtainable from the IBM web site


"KE" wrote in message
I bought an IBM (iSeries) laptop with Windows ME many years ago; the
rep recommended me not to purchase the recovery CD, so I don't have a
recovery CD. Now, I am trying to re-install from a Windows ME CD given
computer repair store, but it stopped with a message saying that
on that CD is not the right version.

Is there anybody who has a Windows ME recovery CD that might be
my laptop? If yes, please let me know. Thanks a lot.