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Default Using the MVP's Hosts file causes problem...

Hello Mike,

The site being blocked was an '' one. I wasn't able to
find this in I.E. but a user of Firefox told me of it. I edited the hosts
file by placing the # before this entry: '
#[MVPS.Criteria]', and achieved the desired result with the BBC news

This satisfies me.


"Mike M" wrote in message
| You have yet to establish the site being blocked. Why haven't you done
| this and by so doing contribute something to this thread? I've explained
| how to do this.
| For the fourth time the word ADVERTISEMENT is an indication that a link is
| being blocked. That link could be as small as a 1 pixel web bug. Why not
| establish what that link might be?
| --
| Mike Maltby
| Ben none wrote:
| I can only thank you, Mike, for sharing your expertise with me.
| I would like to perhaps end my input by leaving you with one sentence:
| When I de-activate the hosts file and open the BBC news page I see no
| spaces, no word 'advertisement', no small box with the red cross in
| it and no boxes of any kind.