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Mike M
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Default Using the MVP's Hosts file causes problem...

You do not need to deactivate the hosts file when visiting the BBC web
site. Where advertisements are blocked the word advertisement will appear.
If you don't want this to happen forget about the hosts file and display
the ads. If you want to see some ads and not others then edit the hosts
file accordingly. The properties of an ad will tell you its source and
you can then add or remove the url or ip address to the hosts file.

Any suggestions?

In the same way that you have repeated your question I will repeat my
reply. Learn and understand the purpose of a hosts file..
Mike Maltby

Ben none wrote:

Hello Mike,

This image is of the front-page of the news international version.:

The hosts file is de-activated - the page displays normally. No ads.

This image reflects the blocking of ads. i.e., the hosts file is

I do wish to use the hosts file. I don't want to de-activate it
everytime I access the BBC. However if there were a way I would
prefer to see the site appear without the blocked ads space i.e., as
in the first image..

Any suggestions?


"Mike M" wrote in message
Ben none wrote:


With the Hosts file de-activated this website displays normally: ,
however, on activation of the file, a white space appears across the
top of the page with the word 'Advertisement' showing twice together
with a spacing in the left hand links bar.

I have tried deleting the three references to the bbc in the hosts
file but this has no effect.

Any help appreciated.

Since you appear not to understand the purpose of the hosts file why
are you using it? Its purpose amongst other things is to prevent
the display of unwanted advertisements and this it is clearly doing.
If you want the adverts don't use the hosts file. Alternatively
learn its purpose and understand what it is doing.

Clue: Adverts are rarely served from the website being viewed.
The only BBC reference in the MVP Hosts file blocks the stats
counter and has nothing to do with the display of adverts. Other
blocked sites include the string bbc but have nothing to do with the
BBC web site. --
Mike Maltby