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Default Using the MVP's Hosts file causes problem...

Hello Mike,

This image is of the front-page of the news international version.:

The hosts file is de-activated - the page displays normally. No ads.

This image reflects the blocking of ads. i.e., the hosts file is activated.

I do wish to use the hosts file. I don't want to de-activate it everytime I
access the BBC. However if there were a way I would prefer to see the site
appear without the blocked ads space i.e., as in the first image..

Any suggestions?


"Mike M" wrote in message
| Ben none wrote:
| Hello,
| With the Hosts file de-activated this website displays normally:
| ,
| however, on activation of the file, a white space appears across the
| top of the page with the word 'Advertisement' showing twice together
| with a spacing in the left hand links bar.
| I have tried deleting the three references to the bbc in the hosts
| file but this has no effect.
| Any help appreciated.
| Since you appear not to understand the purpose of the hosts file why are
| you using it? Its purpose amongst other things is to prevent the display
| of unwanted advertisements and this it is clearly doing. If you want the
| adverts don't use the hosts file. Alternatively learn its purpose and
| understand what it is doing.
| Clue: Adverts are rarely served from the website being viewed.
| The only BBC reference in the MVP Hosts file blocks the stats counter and
| has nothing to do with the display of adverts. Other blocked sites
| include the string bbc but have nothing to do with the BBC web site.
| --
| Mike Maltby