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Default Can onl;y open ONE window of Firefox

On Fri, 16 Feb 2018 23:03:42 +0000 (UTC), lid
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On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 02:20:11 +0700, JJ wrote:
One thing I may not have been clear about.

I CAN open multiple tabs, or even open other windows, from within
Firefox. That works fine.
But if I click on a web address (URL) located anywhere outside of FF,
such as a web URL in a newsgroup message, a shortcut to a website on my
desktop, or a saved website .htm file, it will NOT open, if another FF
page is open.

With K-Meleon as my default browser, I could keep opening websites
regardless where there was a URL posted, and could continue to open them
until I overloaded my computer. It was not unusual for me to have 20 or
more websites loaded, before my system began slowing down.

Try executing Firefox with a URL at the command prompt and see whether
it spits out some error message there which you don't normally see.

I think my install of Firefox 3.6.28 on Win XP is set to open items
like saved files as new tabs if a window is already open (I'm on a
different PC now so can't check). Perhaps in your set-up this is
working so far as to stop the new window from opening, but
something's preventing it from opening a new tab instead.

Did you keep your old "profile" when you reinstalled? If so, I've
heard of many strange Firefox problems being fixed by starting a
new Firefox profile. You could also try running in Firefox's
"Safe Mode".

No, I did not keep my profile or anything. (installed). However I did
zip up the old installed one and saved it as well as a copy of the
registry for that date. I evne made sure the folders were removed so as
not to save anything. Then I ran RegSeeker and cleaned all references of
FF from the regisrty. I did all of that BEFORE reinstalling a FRESH

After finding the new fresh copy install of FF did not fix the problem,
I restored it back toi the way it was, to retain all my settings
bookmarks etc.

Can you please tell me how to enter this at the command line.
(a sample).
My firefox is installed in C:\program files\firefox

Just for the heck of it, I went and installed a win98 compatible version
of Seamonkey. That seems a little less flakey than K-meleon, and I
wanted a second browser anyhow. After once again, backing up my
regisrty, I set Seamonkey as the defaut browser (from within the
Seamonkey settings). I have no problem with that browser. I can click on
as many web URLs as I want and they open in a new Seamonkey window. I'd
rather have Firefox as my default browser, but till I can fix this
problem, at least I can open all URLs without having to close my
previous webpage.

Even if FF is open to a blank page (as my homepage), I can not click on
a web URL and have FF open. I must close that opened page first. This
seems so stupid.....

My guess is there is something in the registry preventing this. Just
like when I had K-meleon as the default, clicking on "set FF as the
default browser did not work". (from within the FF settings).