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Default Can onl;y open ONE window of Firefox

On Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:02:56 -0600, wrote:

I posted this days ago, as part of another thread, and never got any

I mentioned removing K-Meleon, which was my default browser for years,
but no longer works properly with the HTTPS sites.

But now it seems I have a bigger problem. Firefox is the default and
only browser in use now. This is a Win98se setup, with kernel-ex and
Firefox 3.6.28.

What happens, is that if I have an open FF window, I can not click on
another .HTML file. Or I should say it wont open if I do click on it.

For example, I often have a FF site open for the local weather radar.
If I am reading a newsgroup and there is a link in a page (Such as(
When I click on that link, NOTHING happens. I must first close the open
FF page.

Is this normal FF behavior, or is something screwed up?
It cant be in the FF settings, because I uninstalled FF entirely, and
reinstalled this same version from scratch, and did not change any
settings, other than setting the homepage to *blank*. (so i could test

This is ridiculous. There is no reason that a second FF page shoulod not
open, without closing the open one first. I'm about ready to just
restore the original setup from my backups which will put K-Meleon back.
At least K-meleon opened multiple windows, and I could just copy and
paste the URL to FF when K-meleon did not open the site correctly.

Any ideas????

Try increasing the page file size, if it's still less than 2GB.