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Default 256 colors gone

"Canadianmomma" wrote:

Thanks for the link, i did get some updates for a few other things on my
computer but i could not get the update for 256 colors. Here is the video
adaptor and drivers that was listed on my computer ...
Standard PCI Graphics Adaptor (VGA)
- c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\vmm32.vxd (vdd.vxd)

Provider - Microsoft Corporation
File Version - 4.10.1999

"Gary S. Terhune" wrote:

1. Download Everest from he

2. Install and then run Everest.

3. Expand "Computer", then look in the "Summary" for your video adapter, in
the Display section. If the name of the adapter appears in blue, click that
and see if Driver Download is offered. If so, click that. If you can't get
any further without being totally confused, post back with the name of the
device, exactly as written, and the address that the Driver Download link
took you, if any. (Copy/Paste from your internet browser.)

Gary S. Terhune
MS MVP Shell/User

"Canadianmomma" wrote in message
I am using an older computer and running windows 98 second edition. I can
only get 16 bit color and would like 256 but don't know how to get it. I

it before but for some reason lost the 256 color and i was told that i

have to get an update for my video card ... is there anyone who can help

get the 256 color ... please.