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Default Two graphics cards in Windows 98 - possible?

rpgs rock dvds wrote:

Can I install one AGP and one PCI graphics cards in Win 98?


Actually, I'm pretty sure you can fill up all your PCI slots with
video cards and they will all work on Win-98.

I also think that win-98 is not limited to how many monitors /
display-adapters you can have (but win-xp home is limited to only one
or two).

I'd like one for fast 3D win apps, and one with sharper 2D display
quality for DOS apps.

There really is no basis for you to distinguish between two different
video cards on that basis.

In other words, any video card you are likely to use would have equal
ability to generate a sharp display for DOS apps.

You should also note that many video cards (even cards that are 4
years old) have dual-display capability (they are essentially 2
display adapters and will drive 2 separate monitors) and you can get a
card like that (Nvidia or ATI) in either AGP or PCI. They are also
known as "dual-head" because they will drive 2 monitors