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Gary S. Terhune
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Default Windows 98 Welcome Wav file

WELCOM98.WAV is in the following CAB file(s). I'm pretty sure it's the one
you want. Starts with a gong and has a heavy bass line.

Win98 --
Win98SE --

Gary S. Terhune
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"Gary S. Terhune" wrote in message
It's named WELCOM98.WAV, and the usual path is:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME\WELCOM98.WAV

Gary S. Terhune
MS MVP Shell/User

"JAG215" wrote in message
I recently upgraded from Win 98 to Win XP and miss the peppy rockstyle
Welcome Wav in Windows 98. I tried to locate the file on my upgraded
computer in the old win 98 files but was unsuccessful. I tried

help, but Win 98 is not supported anymore. Does anyone know how I can

the Win 98 Welcome Wav file? Thanks in advance for your help.