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Default Display settings keep freezeing on me

Hmm.. sounds like Warcraft *may* have damaged/corrupted your
graphics/display driver files. Just hope you've still got your original
drivers CD/disk, as supplied with your PC.

Easiest way is to boot into Safe Mode, open Device Manager, and "Remove"
(uninstall) *all* of the Graphics/Display Driver(s) shown. (BTW - You don't
physically remove your graphics card. It's only the drivers (software)
that's causing your problems)

Re-boot and when requested, follow the screen prompts to (re)install your
(original) graphics/display driver - as supplied on the original disk.

If you no longer have the original drivers, you'll need to Google for them,
but you will need to know details of your graphics/display hardware, to find
them. Belarc Advisor should help.

Good luck


"AJ" wrote in message
hi, okay so my question is i was playing this game called Warcraft 3 and
screen resolution switches to 1024 x 768 while its usually something
different a higher resolution which i can't remember. Now when i open my
display settings it always freezes on me and i can't switch it back to
normal. Help please.