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Default New HDD, has corrupted Data - AGAIN

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How do you test RAM?

Hopefully its a Windows program, not linux....

See Paul's reply for exhaustive details, but the most-used way is from a
utility on a floppy, that boots from the floppy - i. e. it is its own
operating system, neither DOS nor Windows nor Linux (it operates in
character mode, though is somewhat graphical - looks more like the BIOS
than anything else I can think of. Though IIRR you _can_ use the mouse
with it [possibly only a PS/2 one]). You can run it on a system with no
hard disc - in fact a lot of people do, e. g. when building a PC. Once
it has loaded, you can even take the floppy out. (See Paul's post for
how to make the floppy.)

(It can be put on a CD if you must. I suspect you'd prefer the floppy
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