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Default Recurring Monitor Problem

HI DaffyD,
I think glee is probably right ... you have a loose solder joint or a
connector that needs to be disconnected and reseated ... has a little
corrosion (from time) coating it.

I am writing this mainly as a caution ... before you open the monitor and
look for solder joints to resolder or for connectors to unseat and reseat ...
let the monitor sit overnight, possibly longer. Why? To avoid getting
electrocuted. Monitors, like TVs, use a flyback transformer that put a high
voltage on the CRT. The voltage is on the front of the screen and is there
to attract electrons emitted from the electron gun located at the back of the
CRT. To help stabilize the voltages, the set uses some large capacitors that
store 'juice'. When you turn off the monitor, the capacitors take some time
to 'reverse' discharge through the electronics.

Good luck - BR.

"DaffyD®" wrote:

We have an old Cybervision 19-inch monitor. The problem we have is that on
a recurring basis (it started closed to a year ago) the display is
compressed into a horizontal line with the rest of the screen black. My son
found out that if we tap the top of the monitor, that fixes the problem.
Would anyone know what part(s) inside the monitor could be causing this?
{ : [|]=( DaffyD®

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