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Default Virus and worms in Windows 98 system

Thank you guys so much for the info. I found the problems when I home
networked worked my old Windows 98 to my Windows XP. Before I retrieved some
of my old word files I ran Norton Antivirus which showed the documents and
what looks like every program exe. files infected with the Licium virus.
Norton will delete the exe. and documents which to me sounds like the WHOLE
system needs to be deleted and restored. I am going to salvage what I can and
just re-install everything. I know one thing for sure, it would had been
better to have been running an antivirus from the start. Maybe I could have
stopped this before total reinstall. I am going to keep watch on this site.
Maybe I can help others also. Thank you fellows so much.
Terry Sr.

"98 Guy" wrote:

deevarnado wrote:

Question about antivirus software? I pulled my old Window 98 system
out for my grandchild to play. I have a lot of old game software
that will only run on 95 and 98 systems. To get to the point I ran
antivirus software on it and all most all exe. and word documents
are infected with TengaA and Wazzu.X worms and Virus.

Other than total re-install and deleting is their a way to
repair these files? I have restored to the oldest restore I can
and I still have the worms and virus. Thank you if you can tell
me how to repair other than reinstall.-

How computer-savvy are you?

I ask because this is no easy problem to solve.

I am cross-posting this to a few more active win-98 newsgroups:

- microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion
- alt.windows98

Others there can reply to your situation.

I will also tell you that the windows-98 forum on

There was a thread there about a month or two ago about someone who's
win-98 system became over-run by a Tenga infection, and they described
how they dealt with it.

I would remove the hard drive from your infected system and attach it as
a slave to another Pc (say, an XP PC) or some other trused (known-good)
system that has a good antivirus program on it. If you scan the
infected drive for viruses, you might be able to recover the drive and
remove the viral infection.

Tenga is a file infector, and removal of the tenga infector from all
..exe files seems possible.