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Default Virus and worms in Windows 98 system

deevarnado wrote:

Question about antivirus software? I pulled my old Window 98 system
out for my grandchild to play. I have a lot of old game software
that will only run on 95 and 98 systems. To get to the point I ran
antivirus software on it and all most all exe. and word documents
are infected with TengaA and Wazzu.X worms and Virus.

Other than total re-install and deleting is their a way to
repair these files? I have restored to the oldest restore I can
and I still have the worms and virus. Thank you if you can tell
me how to repair other than reinstall.-

Reinstallation of the OS takes less than an hour, and much
old game software is likely to run from copies (i.e. without
reinstallation from the original disks) -- i.e. besides being
safer this is likely to be faster than identifying and replacing
every separate instance of contaminated system files.

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