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Default Ok the System Restore

My system restore works, but I've had to use it twice in 3 days otherwise I
can't get on line. Is there an underlying problem making this happen? I
have plenty of space on the hard drive and have cleaned off all the junk I
can. My modem looks as though it works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks

"Mike M" wrote:

Justin wrote:

Ok the System Restore doesn't work!!! What do I do its just a blank
window that pops up that says System Restore in white and the
backround is blue below it is just white with nothing on it!!!???HELP

The first thing might be to post to an appropriate newsgroup such as
windowsme.general or windowsme.systemtools where there is a better chance
of your post being seen since your system restore problem is a software
problem rather than with your hardware.

It's possible that your problem is due to the use of a registry cleaner of
some sort and that this has removed some essential keys from the registry
that are required for system restore to function correctly. If this is
the case then as a first step I would undo any changes you made - most
good registry cleaners backup keys and values they remove from the

If that doesn't help have a look at the two following KB articles as they
might help get system restore back working and visible. See MS KB
275646 - "System Restore Shows Date of Saturday, December 30, 1899"
( and also KB275651 - "Blank
Pages in Windows Me Help and Support"
Mike Maltby