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Default Connecting WinME and Vista

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 22:38:01 -0800, Sam wrote:

"Mike M" wrote:

Sam wrote:

I'm trying to connect my WinME computer with the Vista computer thru
a wired router. I can get access to the internet on both computers.
But the WinME and Vista don't see each other. I checked that the
SSID and workgroup are same on both computers. What else I can check?

By design Win Me cannot access files on a PC running Vista although PCs
running Win Me can "see" PCs running Vista.

So WinME cannot access files in Vista, is it possible the Vista to
access files in WinME? If yes, how?

I have actually done so; before I upgraded from Windows Me to Windows XP
Home Edition. I don't let the Windows Vista computer find the network
automatically, but I can attach a shared folder using UNC, and copy files
from the source (Windows Me) to the destination (Windows Vista), and back,
from the Vista computer.

UNC looks thus:


You would just use the "Map Network Drive" feature. Don't recall the menu
path in Windows Vista. But properly done the shared folder shows up in Vista
as a "Network Drive", with a letter (should start with "Z:" by default).

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