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Default Explorer Page Fault error

I would download IE SP1 from, and use Add/Remove Programs
to remove IE and go back to the version that was installed
with Windows 98, then install the updated version, then
download and install the critical updates for IE from, then, if you have a
CD-RW drive, disks, and a copy of Norton Ghost or Drive
Image, make a restorable master image of the system.


-----Original Message-----
I'm receiving the following error message at startup:

Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module
MSVCRT.DLL at 017f:7800d560.

I replaced MSVCRT.DLL and EXPLORER.EXE from the Cabinet
files on my Windows 98 CD based on the MS Knowledge Base
information. I still get the error after replacing. I
believe this started after either loading a website
( I think) or Outlook Express.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Dean.