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Default Explorer.exe has a page fault error?

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gkdiamond wrote:

I'm using Windows 98SE OS with IE6 on an older PC. I was doing some cleanup
and deleted all cookies, temporary files and history through Internet
Explorer then for some reason Internet Explorer froze-up and I had to reboot
the computer. After the system initializes and runs the autoexec I get an
error that Explorer.exe has a page fault error and the system doesn't go any

I can no longer find the installation disc for the 98SE OS, I think I may
have left it where I used to work, but I did find a startup disk that I made.

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Explorer.exe for Windows 98SE
either on this site or elsewhere? Or possibly a replacement shell that I can
install from a bootable CD ROM since I can't the system?

I do have Windows 95 OS on CD but I'm not sure if its' Explorer.exe file
would work for 98SE. Anyone know?