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Default Spybot

A bit late to the party on this one - I've been checking with a couple of
Unfortunately, They've never seen that error message either
However, they did suggest that you might want to post to the Spybot help
forums -
and ask for assistance there - make sure that you emphasise that you're
using ME!!


Noel Paton

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"SGB" wrote in message
Hopefully you folks have an answer
Spybot starts daily at 1:00am
Recently, still running 8-9 hours later
Click 'Stop Check'
Reads - "Thread Error: The parameter is incorrect (87)"
I uninstalled and reinstalled it deleting any leftover registry keys
Ran task
Stopped task about 10 minutes later
Reads - "Thread Error: The parameter is incorrect (87)
Could not find a good answer doing a Google search

New problem only the last few days

What to do... any ideas?