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Default ?Clipboard Contents

Bill, I inherited a machine that uses W2K Pro, but happens to be by some
sort of virus. It is a stand alone Unit. I
have downloaded and used AVG Anti-virus Utility. When I scan the Temp
folder, indicated as the location by warning pop-ups during the Booting
stage, AVG shows me a page that has seven items that appear to be infected.
The Report shows them all, but does not give an option to save the info in a
friendly format. I could put the entire image on the clipboard and use that
info to the experts, but I was hoping to be able to remove or alter the part
where the prior
User name is shown, strictly for simple consideration and respect.
Of course, there could be other instances where similar situations might
Thank you for your interest!

"Bill Watt" wrote:

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 03:09:02 -0800, BAP

?Often, not having options available to copy or export in some way a Display
of sorts, I find that,(wrongly, perhaps,) my last resort is to use
Alt-Print/Screen to get some record of what may of value in the Display.
However, the
format of the record is actually an image. I have problems dealing with it
when it comes to sort it out, in some way, or edit it, if necessary.
Is there a way to extract the contents and paste them, in
an editable format, to Notepad, for instance, of to a favorite Word
Processor ?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions!

If it's Web pages then try saving the page with your browser, in
Netscape it's under the File menu. Save it to a Temp file then open
it with Word. The graphics won't show up because they are not on
your machine but all the text and URL's are there although they
won't work. You can then edit it and copy/paste text etc.

If that's not it what kind of displays are you interested in?


Bill Watt
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