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Default Upside-Down Screen Contents

I dont think this is the problem.
Cuz now I see that it's only a certain film I cant see. I downloaded some
episodes of Heroes, and when I play them they appear upside down, but when I
watch something else it's normal. It's just these series.. Weird enough .. So
what can I do ?

- AC Babyh xxx

"Mike M" wrote:

Upside down video in Windows Media Player can be caused by outdated video
drivers so check your graphics card manufacturer's web site for updated

Ref: Readme for Windows Media Player 9 Series
This also applied to other versions of WMP.
Mike Maltby

AC Babyh xxx AC Babyh

Somehow when I am watchin a film, on Windows Media Player, the video
apprears upside down. And I dont know how do fix it.
I have been waitin 2 see this film, Room 1408 for a while. So i hope
somebody can help me fix this, so i can watch this film.

Much Love
- AC Babyh xxx