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Default Setting up multiple operating systems on one computer.

On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 11:29:01 -0700, mdf

Dear Jeggs,

Your info was only slightly helpful as you will note from my situation.

My old computer power pack died and I am having trouble finding another one,
so I took the hard drive out of that computer and made it a slave in our
other one. The newer computer is running on XP while the old hard drive is
completely Windows98. What I want to do in order to utilize my old programs
and thereby open the related files is creat a duo operating system where I
can have 2 computers in one.

I understand that in order to do this I need to reload windows 98 first and
then the XP program. But what I need to know are the steps I need to take in
order to remove XP and reload in the right order and not have boot problems.

If this is understandable, please let me know if you can help with my lack
of knowledge.



"Jeggs" wrote:

To set up more than one os on the same computer, you need a partition
manager like fdisk and a boot manager like Bootmagic.

1. First make partitions for each os you will install.
2. Now assign names and icons to the partitions in the boot manager.
3. Finally start each partition and install the os's on them.

I hope this has come in handy.

Thanks Jeggy

Take a look at a shareware program called BootIt NG.

If you have enough disk space on the primary drive, you can copy
the older ones partition to the new systems drive, setup another
operating system boot entry and just select the one you want from a
simple menu. It also allows you to swap drives at boot time if I
remember correctly. I have Windows XP, Windows 98 and a couple Linux
operating systems on this PC. If you write their tech support staff,
they are usually very helpful and will show you how to do what you
want. Since it's shareware, you can try most of the features before
deciding if you want it.