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Default Norton SystemWorks 2002 is available here

On 01/12/2010 10:09 AM, 98 Guy wrote:
98 Guy wrote:

The Norton SystemWorks 2002 CD can be downloaded from these links:


As of right now, it appears NSW 2002 has been downloaded by 3 people (or
has been downloaded 3 times). I only see how much down-load bandwidth
is being used - not which files have been downloaded, and no details as
to who (or what IP's) are doing the downloading.

I figure it can be downloaded 25 more times before that account hits the
max bandwidth usage for the current usage period.

I'd like to get some feedback as to how useful and effective it is for
those of you using it.

And Norton and various prosecutors would love to get that information
as well. Please post your name, address, phone number, Social Security
number or other ID, and other identification information. This will help
to ensure that subpoenas need not be addressed towards the host, and
that the site can remain to appear to function as a site usable for
illegal transfer of software.

As supplying this information will help authorities identify those
engaged in the illegal transference, then further encroachment into
every other Internet users life and computer may be avoidable. You may
send the information directly to the local prosecutors office, post it
on-line, or post it here pursuant to 98 Guy's request. Note that since
this was a request publicly posted, email addresses and posting hosts
will be collected.


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