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Default Norton SystemWorks 2002 is available here

The Norton SystemWorks 2002 CD can be downloaded from these links:

The password to unzip each of them is "a". Each file is close to 50 mb
in size.

When unzipped, you'll get


Rename them each to .zip. They are not password protected.

Create a directory (name doesn't matter) and move files 1, 2 and 3 into
that directory and unzip them into that directory. There should be no
conflicts or warnings to over-write any existing files.

For file 4, move it to the \SUPPORT\IE5 directory and unzip it's
contents into that directory.

When you're done all that, you should have an exact copy of the
directory structure of the NSW 2002 CD. There should be 10 files and 13
folders in the root directory. 590 files, 41 folders, 207 mb.

To install NSW-2002, just run setup.exe in the root.


1) Before installing, you should go to add/remove programs in control
panel and check to see if you have any Symantec or Norton products
already there, including LiveUpdate, LiveReg, Norton AntiVirus, Norton
Utilities, or Norton SystemWorks. You will probably have to remove some
or most of them, and then re-boot your computer, for NSW2002 to install
itself correctly. You should also make sure your PC's clock/calendar is
set to the correct date.

2) Once you complete step 1, perform a file-find on your system and look
for a file called "catalog.livesubscribe" or just "catalog.*". If you
find that file (it will be in a norton or symantec directory) then it
must be deleted before you install this software.

3) After installing NSW2002, let it restart your system. There are
several settings in NAV that I turn off - like automatically check for
updates, and warn if virus def's are old. If it gives you the option of
registering the software - don't. It's not necessary for it to

4) If you click on "Check for Updates" you will probably be told that
there is an update to Symantec Redirector, which can be downloaded but
may not install. In any case, it's my experience that both auto and
manual updating (liveupdate button) doesn't work, and hasn't worked
since maybe 2007. But that's ok, because you can download all program
updates and virus definitions from here (Symantec Intelligent Updater):

That file always contains the most recent virus definition update. So
download and run it as often as you want (even once a day if you're

5) After installing NSW 2002, you'll see that NAV 2002 will accept new
virus definition files for the next 366 days. After that, the
Intelligent Updater will not update the product. But that's ok, because
all you need to do is un-install and re-install NSW 2002 to get another
year's worth of functionality (so don't delete these files once you
download them! Keep them on your hard drive or burn them to a CD). One
thing to remember is that after uninstalling it, you will need to delete
the file "catalog.livesubscribe" in order to re-install and re-activate
it for another year.

6) If you have a large hard drive and/or if you've got a FAT-32 volume
with more than the usual 4 million clusters (perhaps a SATA or USB
drive), Norton Disk Doctor and Norton Speed disk are compatible with
volumes with up to 6.3 million clusters, but not more without using the
command-line parameter /NOLBA. When using this parameter, the upper
limit for NDD and SD is somewhere between 7.8 and 31 million clusters.
The switch /NOLBA forces NDD and SD to skip the drive configuration
check. This can also be done with a registry entry by adding a DWORD
registry value named NOLBACHECK at this location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Symantec\Norton Utilities

When this option is set to 1, Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk skip the
drive configuration check.

5) BTW, NAV 2002 runs fine on Win-2K and XP (sp1, 2 and 3).

Norton SystemWorks 2002 CD includes:

- Norton CleanSweep 2002
- Norton AntiVirus 2002
- Norton Utilities 2002
- Roxio GoBack 3.0
- FastSafe (Fast & Safe Cleanup)
- Symantec Process Viewer
- Norton Rescue Disk version 15.0
- Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.50.4134.600