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Default Win Me in VBox on XP

I dual boot between PCLinuxOS and XP.
I successfully installed XP in VirtualBox 2.2 in PCLos, and I am now
trying to install Win Me in VirtualBox 2.2 in XP.
I tried Win95 initially but as you can imagine I had no success at
I have been using a dos 6.2 boot disk and a WinMe iso for the cd.
For trying Me in XP I boot the virtual machine with a dos6.2 boot
disk, then cd to d:, which is the cd (Win Me iso) and enter setup.
Installation proceeds ok, switching the cd to a Win95 iso for previous
os that satisfies the upgrade criterion, then switching back to the
Win Me iso.
Installation goes ok until I reach the part where the installation
wants to create a boot floppy.
then whether I say to create the boot floppy or not I get the error
Application Error
SUWIN caused a general protection fault in module
user.exe at 001:5189

Can anyone help ?