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Default Meb wants to talk about the useage of Win-2K IE6 files on 98

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98 Guy

Gee guy. Give it a rest already. You are starting to get to be a Troll


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MEB wrote:

Uhuh, dorkidum, so let me ask you pursuant YOUR claims; WHY does
anyone need to install Win2K files into Win9X since they are immune
from the present hacks being used?


a) they might contain actual bug fixes in addition to patching
vulnerabilities that are specific to NT-based OS's. The bug
fixes might result in a more stable operating system.

b) they might actually patch vulnerabilities that are exposed on
win-98 but which have never been coded properly to execute
correctly on win-98 by any circulating malware.

c) there is no possibility that they can give win-98 any new
vulnerabilities. If you believe that they can, then you'd
have to explain why you would trust or have faith in any
update from Microsoft under any condition.

For all the above reasons, there is no rational argument to support the
idea that there is a downside to installing these files on a win-98
system. But because win-98 is practically immune yo IE6 exploits these
there is perhaps no compelling reason that the average win-98 user needs
to seek out and install these files. But regardless what the average
win-98 user does, it should always be
pointed out to those that are ignorant about the exact state of win-98
"support" in the post-2006 era, that it IS wrong to say that win-98
updates are no longer available - because of the existance of these
win-2k files and their operability on win-98.

They have been tested (from a purely operational POV) by various win-98
enthusiasts that participate on the MSFN forums and are incorporated
into several independantly-maintained win-98 update packages. These same
people that you point to for other useful resources relating
to the advanced support of Windows 98 would also be the first people to
point out or disover flaws in using these files. They have countered
your claims several times that these files are not appropriate for
win-98 by pointing out the flaws in your basic argument that IE6 was
never properly "ported" to win-98. Your dependency-walker "evidence"
purporting to show unresolved
dependencies in these files has been totally debunked, and you have
never explained how the use of these files can result in the apparent
normal and stable operation of a win-98 system given your understanding
of your dependency-walker observations.