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Two things come to mind
1. Make sure that the printer driver is current for windows ME.
2. See if using SPP parallel port mode in BIOS and windows helps.
Finally, a total uninstall f the printer driver, followed by parallel port
driver uninstall, and use of an HP cleanup utility may be needed.
Then you reinstall the parallel port driver and after a reboot, the correct
printer driver version.
The HP 600C works well with winXP.
"Colorful printer" wrote in message
Have had HP Deskjet 600 wtih previous versions of Windows
with no problems. Months ago loaded ME and have
had "colorful" printouts every since. Unless the entire
doc is B&W.
Have deleted printer, have spent hours reading printer.txt
files, MS FAQs and troubleshooting, have tried everything
I find.
Printout looks like the printer can't decide which color
to print so takes turns going thought them all. Any ideas?

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