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Default New HDD, has corrupted Data - AGAIN

On Sat, 16 Dec 2017 22:38:48 -0500, Paul wrote:

When you got the new 120GB drive (the one with G,H,I on it),
did you clean if off after connecting it ?

No, I just plugged it in, used Partition Magic to partition it, and
formatted them (P.M. does the formatting too).

At least on WinXP, you have "diskpart" command. Which runs
from an Administrator group account. You can select a disk,
then issue a command of "clean all", which overwrites every sector.

Since this drive is running Win98, I dont think I have any of that

What is the point of cleaning it? It should be blank, and if not, this
is not a secret government operation containing all the codes to launch
the nukes worldwide.... About the only controversial or secret stuff
might be a few pics of cows with their tits showing, and a pic of God
smoking some whacky weed....
Besides that, I've probably re-formatted every partition at least 4
times now, because of these problems. If that didn't clean the drives,
what will....