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Default New HDD, has corrupted Data - AGAIN

On Sun, 17 Dec 2017 06:57:37 +0000, "J. P. Gilliver (John)"

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On Sat, 16 Dec 2017 12:50:51 -0800, FreeMan wrote:

Noisy power supply ? Replace.


I think he meant electrically noisy. Some power supplies don't provide
as smooth a 5V and 12V as you might hope - spikes or dips. Can in theory
make drives (and anything else) malfunction. _Probably_ not your cause;
difficult to confirm without an oscilloscope. (If you have a known good
power supply of sufficient capacity, you can always try it.)

Have another drive port ? Then switch.

That is where the CD drive is plugged in.

Overheating ? Fan not getting air over this drive ?

Drive is not even in the case, it's outside of it

Does it run warm at all?

Both drives get slightly warm. That's just normal. I have not mounted a
hard drive inside the case for at least 15 years.I put a large very
oversized power supply in this case, so the cover wont fit anyhow. I
like having the drives where I can easily swap them. The only drives
that are mounted in the case are the floppy and CD drives.

Bad Karma ?

I dont believe in this sort of thing.

One thing I did notice. The jumper on the First drive is set to CS
(cable select), not to Master (Master uses NO jumper). I'm wondering if
the second drive should also be set to CS, instead of SLAVE.

Or maybe I should use the actual Master and Slave jumpers???

Have you still got what used to be the other drive (IIRR it was a CD
drive that failed) to see how that is jumpered? Anyway, if your first
drive is set to CS, and you have a CS cable, then it sounds like the
second one should be too. Can you see any setting in the BIOS that
indicates which selection method it is using? I've personally never had
a machine that used other than master and slave jumpers.

Yep, it looks like the old drive was set to SLAVE. However, I just
changed the new one to CS and copied a bunch of stuff to it from my
first drive. Then I deleted some stuff and copied a whole bunch of small
clipart pics to it, and then deleted some of them, and after that I
copied a huge ISO file to it, which is almost 1gb in size.

After all of that, I defragged that drive with no problem. It appears
that it needs to be set to CS. Maybe that was the whole problem. I'll
copy more stuff to it and delete other stuff and see if it keeps working
properly now. So far, so good!

I ma tempted to try the actual Master and Slave settings with the
jumpers and see if that works. I dont know if one way is better than the
other, or not? Does anyone know which jumper setting is the best?

I never understood how that CS works, or why it's even an option. Older
drives never had that setting. Maybe it's just anoither way to ****
things up... It kind of seems senseless anyhow. I know the second drive
comes first on the cable, but the plug itself is the same wiring. How
the hell can the computer KNOW which drive is which. The only difference
is about 5" more length to the wires.

If the cable truly has the same connections on all three connectors,
then I can't see how it's selecting either. I know floppy drive cables
had a twist in the cable.

Yep, floppy cables do have a twist, but not these IDE Hard drive cables.
So how that CS works is beyond my comprehension. I do know that for
awhile I had the Master drive on the first connector and Slave on the
last connector. THAT IS WRONG, but it was that way for a year or more
and worked fine. Maybe it dont much matter which cable comes first, but
according to several articles, the last connector goes to the first
drive (which seems backwards).