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Default New HDD, has corrupted Data - AGAIN

On Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 12:26:52 PM UTC-7, wrote:
Ok, As most of you know, I had a partition go bad on one of my drives
and I lost much of the data on it, because I did not have a current
backup. I got rid of that hard drive, even after a re-format showed it
to be usable and not have bad sectors.

This is an old IBM brand computer from about 2001. which originally came
with Windows 2000. I've upgraded this machine many times and have used
it for years. I do have Win2000 dual bootable on it, but 95% of the time
I boot and use Win98se. (I have this crossposted to the XP group because
of the lack of activity on the Win98 group).

Anyhow, after that partition got damaged, I unplugged that second hard
drive (Slave drive) and just used the first drive (bootable one). The
first drive is a 120gb with four partitions. The second drive was also a
120gb with three partitions. The partition that went bad, was the G:
partition (first partition on second HDD).

I have not had any problems with the first HDD at all.

After removing that defective second HDD, I put it aside hoping to
recover data from it, and I plugged a 160gb HDD into the second IDE
connector and partitioned it. It did not take long for that second drive
to give me error messsages showing data corruption. I did not have much
on that drive, so I just copied it to space on the first HDD. I did
however, suspect that was because I know that Win98 does not allow
drives larger than 120gb (actually 132gb).

I bought another 120gb drive, and just recently installed it. I had not
yet put my original data back on it, nor my rebuilt data from G: (which
I all have on en external USB drive).

This new drive was partitioned into three partitions again. (G: H: I.
The G: pattition was still empty. The H: partition I was using for
downloading, and contained about 25 downloads, mostly just small .JPG
files and a few .PDF files.

The I: partition contained a copy of my Agent newsreader which I copied
there, as a backup, while I was changing some of Agent's settings.

Yesterday I was defragging the first drive's partitions, when I decided
to defrag the H: partition, since I had moved around some of the
downloaded files. DEFRAG told me this partition had errors and I needed
to run Scandisk. Scandisk reported crosslinked files between the
DOWNLOAD folder and the RECYCLED folder. (Note, I DO NOT use the
Recycled folder, I have it set to immediately delete files.

I ran NORTON DISK DOCTOR (rather than Scandisk) to fix this, and it did
fix it, but then said that the RECYCLED folder existed but had no space
on the HDD. I could not delete the Recycled folder. Since I had already
copied all my downloads to another place (as a backup), I just
reformatted that H: partition.

For the heck of it, I ran DEFRAG on the I: partition (which only
contained a backup of my AGENT folder. -Once again, I got a notice to
run Scandisk, which showed duplicates of ALL these files in the RECYCLED
folder. And said it contained crosslinked files. Since I did not need
that backup of Agent anymore, I just reformatted that partition too.

Why is this second HDD getting all corrupted? This is a new drive, and I
also replaced the IDE cable with a new one (with 80 wires, rather than
the old one that had 40 wires).

I'm starting to wonder if the motherboard itself is failing (or at least
the built in IDE board portion of it).
I do have the drive jumpers set properly, to MASTER on the first HDD and
to SLAVE on the second drive.

I have run two HDDs on this computer for years with no problems. Now it
seems I can not run a second SLAVE drive.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

What is the date on your C:/IO.SYS file?

There was an update released to fix bad error message transfer from hard drives into DOS and it fixes some 48 bit LBA issues too. 2001 is patched date..

R. Loew also has more patches, pay for, demo and free concerning the 48bit LBA issue, up to 145 GB is free in one demo offering.

PATCHPAR is free and concerns partition corruption particularly.

I use several here ((2)500Gb hard drives), dual boot XP - 98se, 2GB ram, they all work, he is a genius. 3.09 Ghz Pentium 4 Hyper threading 98se installation time is 15 minutes flat to a working desktop. Boot up time is a hoot, but unfortunately I've forgotten the exact seconds needed to get to a working desktop there.

Cable Select jumper does work but only with 80 pin cables and a controller designed for that system. Both drives are set to CS and master is the end drive while slave is the one in the middle. Mix and match jumper method you are using may give the results you are complaining about. Just my guess there, mine here would not play right until I set both drives for CS and let the controller figure it out all by it's lonesome. I certainly would look into and catalog links for up to 2TB storage use with win98 despite what any outdated MS page says about FAT32 - they don't support it and won't be going back to correct a single word archived.

Cable Select secret is that one of the extra 40 'guard' ground wires is actually a drive select signal. Long gone are the days where this would be the first sentence in 'welcome to Cable Select' intro. WE are not qualified you see.