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Default USB Driver on Startup Floppy?


I'm looking for good instructions on how to load a USB driver onto a Windows 98SE startup floppy disk.

The idea is to use a USB thumb drive instead of the CD drive, if and when it becomes necessary to reinstall the operating system (hard disk failure, etc.). Or else if I decide to upgrade the computer's 1.5GB (!) hard disk.

The laptop in question doesn't have a CD drive, so my plan would be to copy the CAB files to the USB stick and then have the startup floppy load the drivers to read the USB drive instead of a CD drive. I would then proceed as if the USB drive were the CD drive, copying the Windows 98 installation directory to a newly formatted hard disk and then running Setup from the HD.

I have found instructions for doing this on the Web, but they all get real fuzzy when it comes to which specific USB sys file would have to be put on the floppy and then added to the floppy's CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files. I'm not expert enough to tell whether it would be USBHUB20.SYS, USBNTMAP.SYS, or both. Besides USBAUDIO.SYS, which doesn't sound too likely, these are the only two USB-related drivers I have on that computer.

Are there be any other files that would also have to be copied to the floppy, like INF files?

My Win98 tower Dell PC is even worse in this regard. It does have a CD drive, but it never came with a Windows CD, so I might have to do something similar if it ever came to reinstalling Win98. (Although I guess I could copy the CAB files to an actual CD, is that right?) Trouble is, it has an even bigger array of USB-related drivers, and I have no idea which ones I'd need on that startup floppy:


Any guidance you can offer on this will be greatly appreciated, thank you!