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Default Display driver update

Mike I guess I spoke too fast. Now I get a freezup and desktop goes black and
I have to reboot. At boot up when the splash screen comes and brings me the
desktop I get the weard looking desktop with desktop recovery mode. Then I
have to press it to regain my desktop. I noticed that NVIDIA has put an icon
in the systray I guess called nwiz.exe. In the msconfig I disabled that to be
running since I google searched and the opinion of some is that it does not
need to be there. Upon removing the problem occurs again.

One thing I noticed when removing the old NVIDIA in the add/remove programs
that there were actually two, one driver was the latest one and one that does
not want to be removed. So, I left the older one in there and installed the
new one. Is this related to what I am going through?

"Mike M" wrote:

Do I need to do that?

It is certainly advisable to remove the old drivers before installing the
new which is why nvidia recommend doping this.

Wouldn't I run into trouble if I remove the old one?

No, for the short time that you have no nvidia drivers installed your
system will use the default vga drivers. The immediate consequence of
this will be that your display will temporarily be at low resolution and
low colour depth but once you have installed the new drivers you will be
able to choose your preferred resolution and colour depth.
Mike Maltby

Chris wrote:

I have NVIDIA display driver. I have downloaded the latest driver for
it but in the instructions says remove the old drivers before
installing the new one. Do I need to do that? Wouldn't I run into
trouble if I remove the old one? Appreciate a response!