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Default Need to reformat and reinstall

"ladybug" wrote in message
Okay it's been a long week working on that darn machine every night after
work and being a non-techie, so by midnight last night when the reformat
actually started, it gave me options to reformat 3 "partitions" . Two

very small and when I chose to reformat, I didn't document the message I

but those partitions did not reformat. I had been getting assistance in as well, so when all was finished today, I downloaded
hijack this, obtained a log, and sent it for review. I did not get a
response that there is anylonger any malware or "backdoor trojans" that

been the problem to start with, so my hope is that the machine is truly
clean. If it fails, I'll replace it with a less expensive system as he

it only for checking email and casual browsing. It is running very slowly
and must have a conflict somewhere because the website he needs to use to
check his work schedule requires java. I can access it easily on my

but that one hangs when the applet application tries to begin a session

login. Honestly I'm too old for this. :-)

Thanks for sharing the story! I hope it all works well for you. I wish I
could help you on site -- I've done this many times. And for your info,
Windows ME is a perfectly good system. I've got one Vista, two XP, and
three ME systems and they all work well. Right now, I'm using (for no
"real" reason) an ancient ME system and it can handle Java, Flash,
Shockwave, the Internet, and anything else it needs. I use the Firefox
browser for security. Of course, the XP systems can perform as well or

Why am I telling you all this? Perhaps you don't need to "upgrade" to XP if
you have ME on that computer. I could go on with this conversation, but I
think you need some sleep!!

Good luck.