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Default Upside-Down Screen Contents

Hi! Thanx!!! the Ctl+Alt+up key works on toshiba laptop for screen turn
around too. thanks so much--as above my cats love th elaptop.

"noorjabal" wrote:

Thank you, Mike. Control Alt Up-Arrow brought me back to normal. Best,

"Mike M" wrote:

For Intel Extreme graphics the key combination is Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow to
return to normal view.

If the system is using an ATI graphics card is it possible that Hotkeys
are enabled and that these have been used to rotate the display. You
access the ATI control centre where this is configured by right clicking
on the desktop and selecting Catalyst Control Centre. You would then be
able to see the key combinations used.

I suspect that nVidia graphics might have a similar option.
Mike Maltby
MS-MVP Windows

noorjabal wrote:

My cat lay along the lower end of my keyboard while the computer was
on - which turned the contents of the screen upside down!

Re-booting and shutting down have failed to solve the problem. I also
tried systems restore but that didn't work either, although I'm not
sure if I was using it correctly.

All the start-up data is the right way up, but everything goes upside
down from Windows "Welcome" onwards.

Can you suggest any key combination that might fix the problem? Or
anything else? What combination of keys might the cat have pressed to
cause this?

Any answers, tips or ideas would be much appreciated.