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Default Disappearance of option to open new Word doc when right-clicking d

Add Word/Excel 97-2003 Documents Back to the "New" Context Menu After
Installing Office 2007


"Bill" wrote:

In desperation, after not getting the answer on the Vista.Genearl group, I'm
posting this to as many groups as I think may be able to help as I suspect
that the problem could occur in any MS operating system and is not Vista
specific. It might just even be associated with MS Word itself.

The problem is as stated in the subject. After I did a factory reformat of
a pre-installed Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire L3600 and re-installed
my apps, including MS Office 2007 Plus I found that when I right-click the
desktop and choose "New", most of options to open a new folder, shortcut,
Bitmap Image and documents in the Office suite are there except for MS Word.
It used to be there, now it's not and as far as I can see it is the only one
missing. In fact Word shows up when I installed MS Office on my wife's Dell
laptop as a test. I've un- and re-installed the entire Office suite to no
avail. How has this happened, but more importantly, how can I get it back
in the list? It's the feature of the right-click procedure, other than
opening a new folder, that I find the most useful.

Fingers crossed.