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Default Problems Printing


The printer uses the parallel port and has been using the same port and
cable for about 4 years and never unplugged. I will look at the pins but
they should be ok since it worked fine on my PC running XP, so yes same
cable. This same type of problem happened a few years back which was solved
my reinstalling the print driver.

I will look at the device manager when i stop at their house next but I know
it was not highlighted in yellow and was using the LPT1 port. I even tried
to delete the port and do a restart to reinstall it with no luck. I don't
know if it was ECP of EPP,

It was selected to use the LPT1 port and i tried adding a new port in there
to with no luck.


"Mike M" wrote:

How does the DJ610 connect to the PC? Does it use a parallel port on the
PC? Is the cable you are using with the Win Me PC the same one that you
used with the PC running XP? Check that you haven't somehow bent one of
the pins.

Open the Device Manager. What does the entry for the parallel port in the
section Ports (COM & LPT) have to say? Is it labelled ECP or EPP? Is it
"yellow banged"?

When you open the Properties sheet for the printer (Start | Settings |
Printers, select printer, right click and then click Properties), on the
Ports tab, which port is checked/selected? If there is no Ports tab, look
on the Details tab and you will find a drop down box labelled "Print to
the following port", Which port is selected?
Mike Maltby

Dave wrote:

Any ideas??