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Default Any Tapi/Dun/Modem Experts Question

Yes, the brdgXXXX.inf is the one I meant. That's the memory jog.

Whether or not you can start it that way depends upon whether or not the
..inf is a so-called 'advanced inf'.

If it is, you can't--you have to use another method.

You can tell by looking at the first section of the .inf file--it will say
It's just text, you can read it with Notepad. But I think it's just the
simple variety.

"nonewbie" wrote in message
Ok, thanks, please see below for final question, not sure about
your instructions. snip as per newserver complaining.


the enum/root/unknown/... key is the result of Win trying to find
the setup (inf) files in the \INF folder, and not succeeding.

ok, another clue.

{more snips}

Dell says to feed windows the brdg4034.inf the other is mdmp4034.inf
I guess brdg must be short for bridge.

These suggestions were based upon the generic Conexant package,
which was the only thing I still had in my backup files, but,
though we tried them at some point, was not the package we used.

As I said, you jogged my memory on the matter.
But if you unzip the Dell package, you should have those infs you
mentioned in a folder you specify, and when the 'found hardware'
box comes up, when you're asked for a disk or location, just
cancel it out. IIRC, it may *still* install something, I don't
recall which, logically the modem without the enumerator, but
once the machine is finished booting, you can uninstall that--but
don't reboot. Then, go to that folder where you unzipped the
package. (I'm flying in a fog here with no instruments--it was
too long ago) I don't recall if there is a 'start.exe', or an
'install.exe' routine in the package that reads the infs and
everything, but there might be. If so, execute that. If not
execute the inf (probably the 'bridge' one, but I don't recall
this) using the right-click menu. Again, this is all so hazy in
my memory that I can't promise any accuracy in any of it. One
doesn't know whether to bow to Redmond, Texas, or Mexico, where
the Conexant chip is made.

I guess the substance of what you are saying is install the
enumerator BEFORE installing the modem? So you are saying to run
setup.exe(from the driver package) BEFORE telling windows where to
find the inf files? Windows does not install anything if you click
cancel when it asks for the diskette-it only modifies the registry
as per the two entries I mentioned above. I believe the file is
the brdg4034.inf is the one to feed windows went it asks for the
diskette. The setup.exe is the one that makes the enumerator popup
into the add/remove section of windows. The brdg4034.inf file is the
one dell says to give windows when it asks for the location of the
driver files.

I'm *guessing* since I don't remember, but I think Windows is trying to
install the modem before the enumerator, since it finds the modem during a
hardware search, and the enumerator is software, though installed similarly.
If you don't allow it to try, but then set the install in motion from the
setup directory (where all the files you unzipped are) you can start it off
in the right direction--either by using a setup.exe (or whatever) *or* by
right-clicking on the brdgXXXX.INF file and clicking 'Install'. If there is
a setup.exe, that would probably be the better choice.

Hope it works,