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Default Windows Me won't change its colors.

"karma" wrote in message

Points and comments taken in-line :-

Windows me won't change its colors

Do you mean from 16 colours and 640 x 480 resolution (looks as if its in
Safe Mode) ?

and it is not a hardware problem

Well, not hardware as such - but may be associated software - i.e drivers
for your Display Adapter (video card)

because I installed windows 98 once and I had all the
colors then I changed it back to windows Me and later
I tried to switch to windows me again

Certainly sounds like a Display Driver issue. You may have to try to find
any CD's originally supplied with your computer and re-install the Video

and i can't uninstall windows me now.

Not too sure what you mean. If you 'upgraded' from Win98, there may have
been an option to uninstall it (in case it didn't work properly) but there
was also a further facility to kill this option if all went well, so that it
would then release some 150 MBs of valuable disk space back for your use.

then I bought windows XP and I can't installed

Maybe you old PC is not capable (too old) of running XP. What error reports
do you get when you try to install it?

can anyone give an answer of:
Why can't I uninstall windows me?

It sounds like you've lost the uninstall option mentioned before so the best
you can do is to re-format your Hard Drive and start over again.

Why can't I install windows XP?

See above

Why can't I change my colors or pixels?

You may need to re-install the Video driver - see my earlier comments above.