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Robert Aldwinckle March 24th 09 03:30 AM

internet explorer disc
(cross-post added to Win98 Setup)
"12013ert via" [email protected] wrote in message news:[email protected]
my daughter has recently passed on her old, but reletively lightly used
computer to me,it runs windows 98. i have been informed by BT technical
services that i need to run a, internet explorer drivers disc, unfortunatly i
am having trouble tracking one down. any advice would be appreciated.

You should have some kind of IE installed already.
E.g. can you Run... iexplore.exe and then use its Help, About?
(E.g. press Alt-H,A)

BTW is this a networking issue? E.g. you need a drivers disc
to get a network driver in order to get connected? That really
wouldn't be an IE issue but an issue for your OS (which I know
nothing about--NTx only.)

In any case cross-posting to a W98 NG for convenience.

Good luck

Robert Aldwinckle

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